Maxim's philosophy is simple yet lofty. We always aim to improve the quality of interaction between our drivers and our passengers, and to reach our goals through a mutually beneficial relationship.

In 2017, Maxim launched operations in Iran, using new technologies to provide state-of-the-art services, expand the car ordering service, and make rides safer. Accounting for various specific features of big cities and small towns, our primary objective was to let passengers order their ride easily. What’s more, we wanted to improve conditions for drivers, allowing them to find and transport passengers more efficiently, reducing empty runs and idle time.

A dream come true

Maxim launched operations in Iran after receiving all the necessary approvals from relevant authorities, including permission to operate from the Tehran ICT Guild organization, a permit from the Communication Regulatory Authority of The I.R. Iran (CRA), and an operating license from the State Union of Virtual Businesses. Maxim also registered information about the relevant software at Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, as well as an electronic trust mark. The company obeys the applicable laws, including labor law related to computer technologies, the law on cybercrime and the law on electronic trading.

Initially, the company operated as a car ordering service in Tehran. After that, steady expansion allowed its owners to divide up responsibilities and create various departments. Accordingly, they created Design Department, Software Technical Support Department and Advertising Department for hiring drivers and attracting passengers. Various specialized groups are currently working at Maxim to provide innovative services on a larger scale.

In our first year of operations in Iran, as we targeted balanced growth, our service laid the groundwork for providing city transport services in 54 cities. During this time, we launched our service in all cities with over a million people, as well as in many other Iranian cities. In the future, we plan to expand our services to even more cities.

When launching our service in a new city, we aim to compete on price and quality of service, while allowing our drivers to make more money, ensuring our passengers are safe and contributing to the economic development of the city. During the first year of Maxim’s operations in Iran, it managed to break its record for opening new offices, with offices in 10 new cities in one month.

Developing and using the global market’s modern technologies

At Maxim, we take pride in our persistence and experience. They have helped us to create a powerful system of hardware and software that meets all of our service’s needs. Combined with the service's functionality, this system provides precise and detailed reporting for flexible workflow and informed decision-making in various situations.

Among the departments affiliated with Maxim, we can mention a call center whose short number is 1611. Its experienced operators help passengers order сars without using the Internet. An operator training program was developed according to the service's requirements. Operators who complete a professional training course work at our specialized call centers. They receive and process orders for passenger and freight transportation. These orders come in round-the-clock by phone, on our website, and via the Maxim app. This center also provides services to drivers completing orders using the Taxsee Driver app.

Initially, the Maxim call center was launched in Tehran to be the country's first car ordering service that provides both online and offline services simultaneously. This service, called "1611", is already available to clients in many Iranian cities.

Measured by the number of cities and offices operating in Iran's provinces, Maxim is currently the country's largest car ordering service. It provides its passengers and drivers with a wide range of services, including intercity rides, passenger transportations in cars and on motorcycles, freight transportations, etc.

As a global market leader, Maxim always aims to develop and use new business technologies.

It’s time to go!