• What are the advantages of working for Maxim?
    Smart transportation service Maxim was founded in October 2017 to improve the interactions between drivers and passengers making city trips, and to develop its operations in Iranian cities. Benefitting users has always been Maxim's top priority. Analyzing the market for passenger and freight transportation and making creative decisions relative to the market situation, our company is able to offer special career opportunities in this field. Maxim highly values its relationships with drivers. As we expand our operations, we constantly strive to make their jobs more convenient.
  • What are the requirements to start working with Maxim?
    To start working with Maxim, a driver needs a car in working condition and a smartphone with Internet access. In just a few minutes, you can complete an application form on our website. If you have questions about signing up or anything else, please contact our friendly staff at a Maxim office. All the necessary contact information is available on the Maxim website, in the "Contact Us" section.
  • What are the terms of cooperation with Maxim?
    First and foremost, Maxim drivers must observe the traffic laws. Another requirement is to maintain the vehicle in working order. Two other conditions that raise the quality of service are a tidy vehicle exterior and mutual respect between drivers and passengers. Drivers are advised to have some spare change on hand and remind their passengers not to forget their belongings at the end of the trip. If there is a misunderstanding, a driver should calmly prevent any conflict. If a problem or conflict with a passenger still occurs, we recommend using the "Feedback" section in the app or on the website to tell us about it.
  • What app do your drivers use for work?
    Maxim's app for drivers is called Taxsee Driver. The Android version is available in Google Play, Bazaar, and the Maxim website. iOS users can download the app from the Maxim website only. By April 2019, the Android version of Maxim's app for drivers was installed over three million times. This is a record among smart ordering services. To get the latest version of the app for your Android device, simply enter "Taxsee Driver" in the Google Play or Bazaar search box and install it.
  • What selection of orders do the drivers have?
    The system automatically assigns orders to the nearest drivers who have the AUTO mode enabled. They can accept or reject it after seeing the information about it. In the Maxim app, there are different ways for drivers to accept orders, so they could pick any one of them based on their needs. They can choose from the orders nearest to them in the "Nearest" section, scheduled orders for a specific time, orders in the areas with paid entrance, etc. These options are introduced to give drivers a variety of orders to choose from.
  • Can I choose when to take orders?
    Some drivers find it convenient to take orders during rush hour. For others, night time is best. Drivers can use the scheduled orders feature to take passengers on their way to or from a day job, allowing them to plan when they want to work and rest. We recommend that our drivers always get sufficient rest, because rest is essential to ensure both personal safety and top-notch service.
  • How is the order price calculated?
    The trip price is calculated based on several parameters: the cost of fuel, repairs, insurance, and vehicle maintenance. It is also affected by the supply and demand, competition, and carrier rates in each city. At Maxim service, we try to balance the interests of everyone involved.
  • How can I increase my income?
    Some factors that could increase your income are working during extreme weather, working during morning or evening rush hours, and working on weekends and holidays. Additionally, if a driver provides top-notch service, passengers can show gratitude using the "Tip the driver" feature in the app for passengers, thereby increasing the driver's income by the desired amount. Remember, if you provide high-quality service and get positive feedback from your passengers, you will be at the top of the list when orders are distributed. Advertising the service on your vehicle may also boost your priority.